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An Innovative Step in the Compression Moulding of Composites


COMPPRESS is a new composites manufacturing process that produces superior polyethylene (UHMWPE) based armour systems.

Our in-house manufacturing facility is the outcome of a 2-year R&D project led by Simpact and part funded by Innovate UK with project partner WMG at the University of Warwick.

Using very high consolidation pressures and rapid low-cost tooling, it is perfect for manufacturing superior bespoke armour solutions such as chest plates and helmets for personal protection.

Two men examine a piece of equipment

Applications & Markets

Protective solutions for a range of markets that make use of polyethylene (UHMWPE) materials such as DSM – Dyneema®, Honeywell – Spectra®, FMS

  • Vehicle retrofit up-armouring

    Shaped panelling to fit within a complex vehicle package

  • Covert body armour

    Discreet, truly ergonomic body armour tailored to individuals

  • Overt body armour

    Ballistic plates and helmets including UHMWPE backing for NIJ Level IV ceramic plates

  • Bespoke armour applications

    Bespoke impact protection for high value items

Advantages of COMPPRESS

COMPPRESS makes use of rapid low-cost tooling that does not have any draft angle requirements. This enables radical design freedom and quick product customisation. Parts can be produced from CAD within a week.

Its high consolidation pressures prevent voids, produce high fibre/resin ratios and the uniform consolidation results in superior ballistic performance. It is perfect for manufacturing deep 3D parts such as helmets that require consistent protection.

Superior Performance

  • Uniform consolidation
  • No draft angle requirements
  • High fibre/resin ratios

Superior Economics

  • Low cost rapid tooling
  • From CAD to part within a week
  • Quick product customisation
Helmet Cross Section
  • Good consolidation
  • Fair consolidation
  • Poor consolidation
A diagram of a helmet made by the conventional process
Conventional Process
A diagram of a helmet made by Comppress
A man holding the chest plate made by Comppress for the Metropolitan Police

Case Study

Ergonomic Chest Plate for the UK Metropolitan Police.

Police officers and soldiers throughout the world rely on chest plates to protect them from high powered rifle bullets. The comfort level of these plates can compromise mission effectiveness.

Manufacturing challenges and a lack of clear ergonomic targets in the current standards mean that current plates have a relatively flat and uncomfortable shape.

COMPPRESS manufacturing has been demonstrated on the Metropolitan Police Service ergonomic chest plate project. COMPPRESS was perfect to produce the required deep 3D geometry. The process from CAD to a physical plate took less than a week.